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The Jamm®

When two-year old Oscar trapped his fingers in the hinge side of the kitchen door, his parents, Marc and Coralie Ward, went looking for a door stop to hold their doors secure in BOTH directions. When they could not find one, they invented one!

Protecting little fingers from the hinge side of a door is even more important than the handle side due to extreme pressure generated when a door closes, which is why Marc was determined to find a solution, and that is how the Jamm® Doorstop came about!

The Jamm® doorstop is a reinvention of a dinosaur product! It works differently, and even better than the old-fashioned doorstops. It cups the end of the door holding it in either direction, rather than fitting on the side of the door holding it in just one direction.

The Jamm® Door Stop quickly became a top-rated door stop internationally and has received 10 awards in the Child Safety category and one in the Housewares Design category to date. It has earned “Best of Best” under Amazon’s door stopper category. Reviews include statements like: “The Rolls Royce of doorstops”, “Simple but genius invention!”, “The best door stop ever!”

The Hands-Free Door Solution is the latest innovation from Jamm®, arising from a question posed to the inventor if there was a way to open a door without spreading germs. It is revolutionary when it comes to opening doors. The handle allows you to open the door with your wrist or forearm keeping would-be harmful microbes from reaching your hands.

This patented, anti-ligature design is treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology, a silver ion additive, which gives the Hands-Free Door Solution a lifetime of germ-free protection and keeps clean hands clean. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 40 million Americans get sick every year from bacteria that spreads through hand contact. The Hands-Free Door Solution tackles this problem with a low cost, easy to install, convenient fix.

Jamm® Products are designed and made in the United Kingdom. They are made using premium grade materials and all products comply with safety standards in Europe and the USA.

Jamm® Products are distributed exclusively by Hilwaite Holdings in North America. Sold on,, The Container Store and Lee Valley Tools.

Teal and Tate

Teal and Tate™

Teal and Tate’s philosophy is to bring innovative products that promote healthy options for babies and toddlers that are in harmony with our planet earth. The Teal and Tate™ Anti-tip Furniture and TV Strap is every household's answer to safely securing your furniture.

According to the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Council), one child dies every two weeks from a tipping injury from TV’s, furniture or large appliances. These tragedies can be avoided easily by securing furniture and large appliances to the wall, so we introduced such a solution to our product mix. Our Teal and Tate™ set of two Anti-tip Furniture and TV straps are made from high-quality materials and includes mounting hardware.

Teal and Tate™ products are distributed exclusively by Hilwaite Holdings in North America. Sold on and