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 Hilwaite Holdings LLC is a US based company dedicated to finding simple and safer solutions for our customers.  

At Hilwaite, we deliver simple solutions. We find inventions and reinventions of ordinary items to make life easier in your home and workplace, and deliver products of the highest quality standards. Our mission is to make life simple and safer. 

Hilwaite searches the globe to bring simple, safer solutions and has been appointed as the sole, exclusive distributor for Jamm® products in North America. 

The first innovation from Jamm® is a doorstop – the doorstop reinvented. Traditional doorstops are a centuries-old design that are unreliable, unsafe and frustrating to use. They hold the door from one side only rendering them only 50% effective. Jamm® doorstops holds doors in both directions making them 100% effective.

The Jamm® Doorstop quickly became a top-rated doorstop internationally and has earned “Best of Best” under Amazon’s door stopper category. Reviews include statements like: “The Rolls Royce of doorstops”, “Simple but genius invention!”, “The best door stop ever!”. They are the top choice for teachers, parents, pet owners, facility and commercial buyers.

The latest innovation from Jamm® Products is a The Hands-Free Door Solution, which offers a clean way to open a door. In the age of COVID-19, safety in touching surfaces is of the utmost importance! Why touch a door handle if you don't have to? Door handles are the most touched surfaces in any building. Bacteria and Viruses collect on these contaminated surfaces allowing person to person transmission. The Hands-Free Door Solution keeps hands clear of contaminated surfaces and allows a smooth and stress-free way to open a door. It is designed to stay clean and stop the spread of germs.

Recently Hilwaite Holdings LLC added the brand Teal and Tate with their Anti-tip Furniture and TV Strap. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, one child dies every two weeks from a tipping injury from TV’s, furniture, or large appliances. Tragedies like these can be avoided easily by securing furniture and large appliances to the wall. Hilwaite is proud to bring this solution to the marketplace. We pride ourselves in searching the world for high quality products that look out for you!