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Keeps the Doors in My Old House Open

"I like to keep the doors in my house open. Sometimes the wind blows through the house. If a door stopper has been kicked out of place, the door will slam shut and possibly trap my pet in a room. I can't have that happening when I'm out of the house, so I bought these. They are sturdy and good quality. My previous door stoppers were of a somewhat flexible rubber or silicone and could easily be kicked out of place. So far, these door JAMMs are holding the doors well. Make sure you measure the space between the door and the floor in order to buy the right size JAMM. For me, the regular size works well on hard floors, but the jumbo size is better for rooms where I have carpet. Cerise pink is a unique and pretty color." - Snow Bunny

Great Change in Stopping Doors

"I have always been frustrated by doorstops because they stick out into the void, they are a tripping hazard and they are unsightly. This doorstop is a game changer! It is such a simple change in the way it stops the door, on the end of the door rather than on one side of it, yet it so effective and takes away all of the issues the traditional doorstops create. I also really like that the doorstop allows the door to be held in one place so it cannot move backwards either. I work in a cat rescue with kitties who have a hard time walking and maneuvering, so even if I stop up the door I worry they can get caught behind it, too. No more worrying, now I know they cannot get locked into a room, or caught behind the door. This is the best gadget ever! I plan to purchase more for every door I need to open! I bought these for the office and now I will buy more for home. If you have small children or pets, these will give you peace of mind." - Elkile

Works Well as a Normal Doorstopper Too

"This door stopper is not intended to work like a typical door stopper. My fault for not reading and looking closely enough at all of the pictures on the product page. This door stopper is intended to work by wedging it under the outside end of the door. Therefore, the door must be open for you to use it they way it was intended to be used.

For my purposes, I was looking for a door stopper to help keep a closed door closed. I previously tried other products which claim to work well on all surfaces including carpet, but it did not work for me. To my pleasant surprise, this Jamm door stopper worked well for me even though I'm not using it the way it was intended. I can wedge it under my closed door like you would a normal door stopper and it grabs onto the carpet well enough to keep the door from moving much!" - SB

Great Company, Great Item!

I love my Jamm! We like to run our AC in the bedroom on warm nights but also have two fluffy cats that like to barge in and out of the bedroom, swinging the door open too wide. Now we can keep the door closed with a cat sized opening that doesn't let all the cool air escape.

I ordered the pink so it's easy to see." - Augusta S.

The Best Doorstop We have Ever Owned!

"I purchased the Jamm doorstop to use on our door between the entry way and the living room. I am able to open the door wide and have the doorstop work on the living room carpet, and then have it only open a little way where it rests on the entry mat. It is great because I can set it partly open so the cats can come in and out when it's colder, but I can leave it wide open on hotter days when the kids come and go this summer without having doors slamming. I always had to use 2 regular doorstops, one on either side, to do this job and they would always come out.

I have tried this doorstop on carpet, a thinner mat and also on the tile in between. They said it worked on all floor surfaces and it does.

The Jamm is almost two and half times the width of the regular rubber door stoppers so it can cup under the end of the door holding it in either direction. What a clever design. It is also very easy to use - just needs a little push and it wedges the door firmly in place.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant to spend $10 on a doorstop but for the quality and effectiveness it is worth every dollar! I will be buying more Jamm doorstops for sure." - Stacy H.

Best Doorstop EVER!!!

"The Jumbo Jamm Door Stoppers arrived right on time as promised, and I immediately gave them a trial run. Our front door finally stays in place, and doesn't budge ANY - even when we've had winds in excess of 30mph! WOW!!! Finding a product that worked for our slightly over 2" gap door to floor had previously been full of failures with all too many other, inferior stoppers. So many, that my husband asked me to promise this would be my final attempt - which I gladly did. we're End result is that we're both delighted with how well these work, and how easy they are to insert and remove from under the door!

Because for our gap, we will always need to use the two Jumbo Jamms together, I plan on affixing them to one another either gluing with E6000 or an epoxy. And only because this will make insertion all the easier for us . . . but to other potential buyers, please don't feel like this is necessary to make them work!

I also want to mention that I had an outstanding experience when I contacted the seller - in fact the best I've ever had from any Amazon seller! In reading the product description (which is quite accurate), I knew one alone wouldn't be adequate, so I contacted the seller to ask if it would work to put one on top of the other. My question was answered almost immediately by Kate, who is the Founder and CEO of Teal and Tate; and was told this hadn't yet been tried. So I offered to give it a test and would take pictures if it worked. Kate thanked me for my offer and let me know new colors would be available by the end of the week - and then notified me of when they were online! In my haste to place my order, I mistakenly ordered the regular Jamms, not the Jumbo Jamms - almost immediately Kate let me know of my error, so I placed a corrected order. WOW, now that's customer service supreme!!!

These ARE the door stoppers to order! Teal and Tate is an awesome seller with customer service like I haven't seen in years!" - Rhoda C.

Who Would Think a Doorstop Could be Awesome!

"One would think a doorstop is a doorstop and that they all work the same. That is what I thought. Well it is not true. The Jamm doorstop is not any old regular door wedge, and it has a bit of a curve to it so it sort of "cups" the door. The design to hold the door from both sides with one doorstop is brilliant, especially with two small children in the house and trying to child proof as much as possible!

My two boys love to run through the house chasing each other, and as they go they like to slam doors as the one runs from the other. My biggest fear is that one of them will get their fingers caught in the door, or worse, in the hinge of the door as my brother did once. Not only is this extremely painful but also dangerous (we already had a "helping" incident with a baby gate that basically took off the nail on my littlest guy's finger, requiring TWO rounds of antibiotics!). With the Jamm, I can keep the doors open so that they can still play freely. So happy to put an end to slamming doors and potential finger injury with my little ones." 

Puuurrrfect for Your Pets!

"I love this product! I live in an old house built in 1920. It has real wood doors. Hardwood floors and bathroom tile floors. These doorstops work perfect on my hardwood or tile! What I love the most is that I can leave the door open about 4 inches so my cat can go in or out of the door. before this doorstop, I always had a problem with cumbersome doorstops propping my doors partially open so the cat could have access to the room but a breeze from an open window would not cause the door to fully open or slam shut. The door stays exactly where you place it! I bought the standard size door stops as the gap below my door was not very big. I just love these because they're so small that when I remove them, so can push them aside with my foot! Weather designed this was a brilliant minimalist with an engineering degree I'm sure LOL Just love them!" - Raleigh

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