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Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size Pacific Blue
Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size Dark Grey
Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size Honey Beige
Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size Cerise Pink
Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size Dusky Blue
Features of Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size
Size Options of Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size
Benefits of Jamm Door Stopper Standard Size
Difference between Jamm Door Stoppers and Other Door jams
Jamm Door Stoppers are Multi-purpose
Jamm Door Stoppers  work on all floor surfaces

Jamm Door Stopper - Standard Size


The Jamm® award-winning, unique doorstop design holds a door open in both directions when inserted securely under the end / skinny side of the door.

Patented Design Holds Doors in Both Directions. 

Outperforms Other Door Stops and Decorative Door Wedges.

Traditional doorstops are a centuries-old design that is unreliable, unsafe and frustrating to use. They hold the door from one side only rendering them only 50% effective. Our Jamm® doorstops hold doors each way making them 100% effective.

The Most Effective Doorstop in the World

  • Are you tired of the multiple cheap doorstops you own that easily dislodge and become a trip hazard or a dog chew?
  • Looking for a doorstop with functionality and modern innovative design to use in your home, office our business?
  • Want a doorstop that allows you to regulate how far you want the door open or closed? 

Jamm® Doorstops Offer You an Effective and Reliable Solution

  • Help prevent finger injuries at home and at work
  • Stops slamming doors
  • Helps prevents pets from becoming trapped in rooms
  • Perfect when painting or hanging a door
  • An original & useful housewarming, hostess, Father’s Day and shower gift, not to forget great stocking stuffers at Christmas.

 The Best Doorstop Ever or Your Money Back

We stand behind our Jamm® product so completely that we offer every customer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied Hilwaite will refund or replace your Jamm® product.

Ships from the USA.

Sold as: 1 pack, 2 pack, and 6 pack. 

Available in 5 Colors:

Cerise Pink, Dusty Blue, Dark Grey, Honey Beige and Pacific Blue

  • Be sure to measure your door gap BEFORE purchasing.
  • Made from food-grade polymer. Free of Lead, BpA, and Phthalates. UL Tested and the only door stop in the world to comply with the European General Product Safety Regulation 2005.
  • The Jamm® Doorstop is honored with 10 awards in the Child Safety category and one in the Housewares Design category​.​
  • Size 1 Standard for door gaps measuring 0.1 to 1 inch.
  • Be sure to measure your door gap BEFORE purchasing.
  • 2.56 ounces, 6.6 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches, food-grade polymer. 

    • OUTPERFORMS ALL DOOR STOPS: Our unique and patented door stop holds a door in BOTH directions when inserted securely under the end of the door. Works on all doors except doors with self-closing or lift-off hinges.
    • WEDGES DOORS LIKE NO OTHER: Other doorstops hold the door from one side only and are easily dislodged by a child, pet, breeze or accidental nudge; becoming a trip hazard or obstacle in the home. When wedged in securely Jamm holds the door from both sides so it does not dislodge easily.
    • WORKS ON ALL FLOOR SURFACES: Our anti-slip base provides superior gripping power and allows your door stoppers to work on all surfaces. Easy to use. 
    • DOES NOT OBSTRUCT WALKWAYS: The placement of this door stopper at the end of the door rather than the side makes for a clear walkway. This creates a safer space and makes it easier for wheeling or carting things through doorways.
    • A MUST HAVE for every home, office, business, and toolbox! Great for trades and DIY projects such as painting or hanging a door; movers and decorators; hospitals and schools; hotels and museums - hardware for anywhere you need a door to remain securely open.
    1. Position the doorstop at the end of the door and press FIRMLY under the end of the door using your hand or foot. To prevent injury NEVER kick the doorstop.  The easiest way is to insert it when wearing a shoe and 'standing off' the edge while pressing/pushing it under the door end at the same time. This lodges it most securely.
    2. To remove the doorstop, simply twist it out or move the door left and right repeatedly while pulling the doorstop out.


    To prevent injury please store this doorstop safely when not in use. Doorstops are not for use on fire doors.

    Jamm® is a registered Trademark and the Jamm® doorstop is patent protected. Designed and Made in the United Kingdom.